what do we do in dxd

All we do revolves around three main courses of action:



Community reflection


In this area emphasis is placed on dignity as a key, meaningful element in socio-educational, socio-sanitary, community and labour action.
A key structure in this process is the Academy of Dignity, which gathers—through shared reflection—key persons in their fight and defence.

Within this area there is also room for the denunciation of specific cases or situations in Asturias.


Meaningful action


The main strands in this course of action are the following:

- The setting-up of support and mutual support relationships with Asturian social organisations. Technical support and individual assistance in action processes related to dignity.
- Assistance in all aspects relating to social initiatives, individual mobilisation campaigns and advocacy.



Transformative training


This course of action aims at developing alternative, transformative training processes. It is based on:

-   The design and support of training processes linked to the advanced socio-educational intervention model, placing particular emphasis on dignity, the ethics of social, educational, health and community intervention, as well as others forms of intervention related to participation, mutual support and community development.
-  Technical support and assistance relating to the design and implementation of Recognition of the Other, Co-Responsibility and Participation Systems.